2 thoughts on “hayes-line-sef-itt-attachment-a-train-service-specification”

  1. I am really struggling to understand the rationale behind the decision to end Hayes > Cannon Street and Cannon Street > Hayes services.
    Cannon Street is the station right in the heart of London’s City. All Hayes peak services are jam packed at Cannon Street and in the mornings, the peak Cannon Street services full by the time they reach Lewisham. Most people alight not at London Bridge but at Cannon Street!
    You only need to look at the CCTV of any Hayes train arriving at Cannon Street to see the number of passengers alighting there. Likewise, CCTV for people boarding Hayes services at Cannon Street.
    If you must make changes, do not even consider doing it to the peak services. This is crazy thinking and will cause dangerous levels of overcrowding on the narrow London Bridge platforms.

  2. Hayes Line services would in future run to London Bridge, Charing Cross and Victoria. The small minority of passengers who currently travel directly to Cannon Street would change at London Bridge.

    How on earth did they come to this conclusion?

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