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Another Month, Another Stuck HGV

Yesterday a large articulated lorry became stuck in Gates Green Road, and for most of the day, outside Wickham Common School. The driver seems to have realised too late that he was never going to fit down a country lane.

This isn’t the first time this has happened in the Wickham Common area. Previously a street tree was severely damaged by a lorry leading to the Council’s legal team pursuing the company responsible. Also, Layhams Road and North Pole Lane have  suffered from errant HGVs; a problem that appears to have been on the increase, partly because some haulage firms try to cut costs by using satellite navigation maps designed only for smaller vehicles.

The Council has previously worked with mapmakers to ensure that roads unsuitable for HGVs are marked as such in satnav data, but clearly more needs to be done. We are now taking the issue up with the Council’s highways officers, including improving the signage at vulnerable junctions such as Gates Green Road/Croydon Road, Kingsway and others.

Articulated lorry stuck in Gates Green Road 22/3/18 (Credit: Sam Wheatcroft, WCRA)

Coney Hall Tennis Courts – What Next?

We have received messages from residents, and seen the conversations on social media about the state of the tennis courts in Coney Hall Recreation Ground. We thought it would be useful to set out the current state of play oConey Hall Tennis Courts (2007)n the issue.

The last manager pulled out of running the tennis courts some years ago after repeated vandalism and thefts. The council left the nets up anyway but eventually a local child became tangled up in the nets and so the Council’s insurers advised their removal.

We have been making enquiries into possible solutions, possibly including using more robust equipment, but of course such ideas will have to work financially. In any case we will need to work closely with the Friends of Coney Hall Park, who do sterling work looking after the park and who would want to be closely involved in any plans.

We will of course keep residents updated if and when things develop.

Another Phone Mast Refused

The mobile ‘phone mast proposed for the green at the junction of Birch Tree Avenue and Queensway was turned down by a council planning committee last night.

The committee heard representations from both residents’ associations and Cllr. Graham Arthur, who cited the quality of consultation, lack of explanation as to why alternative sites had been ruled out, and the potential harm to the openness of the green caused by the equipment cabinet. The committee then agreed unanimously to reject the bid by Vodafone and Telefonica (O2).
20160121_135555 522x283.jpg
Pre-empting accusations of ‘Nimbyism’, Cllr. Arthur had pointed out that an application for another, more appropriate, site in the ward had recently been approved without opposition from local councillors.

The refusal comes after last year’s plans to erect a taller mast on another green, at the junction of Kingsway and Gates Green Road, were turned down on similar grounds.

Gates Green Road Phone Mast Bid

Plans have been put forward to erect a mobile phone base station at the junction of Gates Green Road and Kingsway. The site – the small triangle of green where the two roads meet – has been selected by contractors working for Vodafone, and seeks to upgrade coverage in the area to the modern 4G standard.
 20150604_134711 GGR_KWay 816x459
However, consultation has been poorly carried out so far, and test drilling has taken place in front of bemused residents – confusion added to by false claims the work was being done by the council.
Now a ‘planning application‘ (though technically a formal consultation) has been submitted and residents have until 18th June to make representations. We are certainly not opposed to an improvement in infrastructure in the ward; however, although the mast itself is in the style of a tall lamppost, the four accompanying equipment cabinets may well prove the unsightliest aspect. Apart from the significant ‘footprint’, the boxes will take up a prominent place in the street scene, with little in the proposals to address this.
UPDATE 24/6: The application has been refused by the council.

Coney Hall Shopping Parade Improvements – Update

CH_Focus1stFlrThe work to improve the shopping area in Coney Hall is progressing. New planters are planned, though one site earmarked for these is currently occupied by a parcel locker, which was erected without planning permission. An appeal against the Council’s refusal of permission will be considered next month.

Unfortunately West Wickham South Residents’ Association’s bid, supported by your local councillors, for a village sign have been refused repeatedly by Transport for London on the grounds that it would ‘clutter’ the highway! Despite appeals up the chain of command at TfL the answer remains ‘no’.

Meanwhile, council officers continue to work with traders on ideas for rearranging the parking spaces, but there are many restrictions – physical, legal and financial – to be overcome and a conclusion is not yet in sight, though all parties remain keen to find further ways to improve the situation for the area.

Roundabout Improvements for Layhams and Addington Roads

Roundabout at junction of Layahms and Addington RoadsSome minor changes are proposed for the roundabout at the junction of Addington Road, Layhams Road and Corkscrew Hill.

The roundabout is not wide enough for two vehicles to drive around it side-by-side, yet this does not stop some from trying to overtake on it! There have been a number of accidents and injuries at this spot and so additional ‘hatched’ markings are planned for the approaches from Hayes and Corkscrew Hill to bring traffic into single file, as well as some improvements to the pedestrian crossing points and cycle access routes.

There should be no adverse effect on traffic congestion.

Hayes & Coney Hall Police Update 21/3/14

PCSO Michele Jacobs from the Hayes & Coney Hall police team has sent out this week’s update:

Burglary at MUNRO LOCK, Station Approach again…..I am sad to say:

During the night of Sunday 16th, around 0038 hours, bricks were thrown through window and computers were attempted to be stolen but they did not succeed. A local resident saw the males drive off in a blue vehicle but was unable to get the registration number. CID are looking into this but if you recall any information that will be of further use please call 101 and quote CR 3304571/14. Many thanks


Please look out for a racing bike that was stolen at the weekend near St Johns Church, Coney Hall.


RED/WHITE in colour

WHITE saddle

One of the handlebar stops has been replaced and they are odd.

Good news:

Earlier on this month, there were two attempted burglaries and a burglary in Pickhurst Park (just off Barnhill Avenue).

I am pleased to say that due to work by CID and evidence gained through CCTV on one of the properties, it appears that they have caught the culprit and work is underway with the burglary squad to deal.


Two men have been arrested for Handling Stolen Goods as part of an investigation into stolen mobile phones.

On 4 March, a number of mobile phones were stolen from the belongings of schoolboys left in the changing rooms at St Olave’s School while a Rugby 7’s tournament was going taking place.

One of the victims managed to track his stolen phone to Rye Lane in Peckham, SE15 and another victim later went to that road and saw both his phone and those he recognised of other victims in the display cabinet of a shop.

At 16:20hrs on 13 March, officers from Bromley Police’s Youth Policing Team and the Mottingham Safer Neighbourhood Team executed a search warrant at a commercial premises in Rye Lane, Peckham.

A large quantity of mobile phones shown as blocked or stolen were recovered, including a number stolen from the school. Other phones recovered have now been linked to burglaries and robberies across London.

The investigation is ongoing. Two men, aged 40 and 18 remain in custody on suspicion of handling stolen goods.

TfL Knock-back for Coney Hall Sign

Efforts to erect a ‘Welcome to Coney Hall’ sign on the Croydon Road have hit a brick wall after Transport for London – who are responsible for the road – refused permission.

TfL say they are seeking to keep street clutter to a minimum and don’t want to set a precedent by allowing such new signage on their network.

Not content with this response, we have now approached our London Assembly Member James Cleverly to fight the corner for Coney Hall.

However, other more local efforts to improve Coney Hall continue, with proposals for new planters, a notice board and street trees progressing with the support of your local Conservative councillors. All this is in addition to the Christmas Lights that were unveiled late last year with the efforts of the recently formed traders’ association.