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Action on Bromley South HGV Traffic

HGV wheelsResidents in Baston Road, Hayes Street and Hayes Lane should have a little more peace after today, as the HGV traffic to and from the Bromley South development is diverted.

Your local Conservative councillors, following approaches from residents – particularly those in Baston Road and Hayes Street – have been in contact with senior officers at Bromley Council and the contractors building the new development at the Bromley end of Westmoreland Road. HGVs travelling to and from the site had been trying to negotiate their way through Hayes Street and up through Baston Road – a route totally unsuitable for such vehicles and which had even led to an ugly recent altercation with a bus.

From now on, the vehicles should be using the more suitable A21, with some ‘in-bound’ lorries waiting in Oakley Road – away from residential properties in that area – until they are required on-site. While a few wayward drivers cannot be ruled out, the bulk of the problems should now be resolved.



Fresh Look For Glebe Way Roundabout

20140424 CH RaboutThe Glebe Way roundabout has been replanted and spruced up, after months of work by your councillors, the West Wickham South Residents Association and officers from Bromley Council and Transport for London.

It should look even better come the summer, providing a much more attractive ‘gateway’ to Coney Hall.


Tiepigs Lane Flooding

The cause of the flooding at Tiepigs Lane has been identified; a river culvert has become blocked on Network Rail’s land which has resulted in water backing up into the road.

After a meeting yesterday with council officers, the Environment Agency and Network Rail are now dealing with this as the two responsible agencies and the EA have plans in place to protect the vulnerable nearby properties in the event of heavy rain.

As your local councillors we will continue to monitor progress on this urgent issue.

Road Resurfacing 2014-15

Road_SurfaceThe works schedule for road and pavement resurfacing was been drawn up. In Hayes and Coney Hall ward, the roadways along Abbotsbury Road, Letchworth Drive and Southbourne will all be resurfaced, with Abbotsbury and Southbourne also having their pavements re-done.

These schedules are set following detailed inspection, not done on set intervals (so there shouldn’t be any resurfacing just for the sake of it). Draft schedules for major resurfacing have also been drawn up for the next few years, and smaller schemes of minor or ‘reactive’ work are also carried out, so if you feel your road is also in need of attention then let us know – it may well already be in the programme.

Roundabout Improvements for Layhams and Addington Roads

Roundabout at junction of Layahms and Addington RoadsSome minor changes are proposed for the roundabout at the junction of Addington Road, Layhams Road and Corkscrew Hill.

The roundabout is not wide enough for two vehicles to drive around it side-by-side, yet this does not stop some from trying to overtake on it! There have been a number of accidents and injuries at this spot and so additional ‘hatched’ markings are planned for the approaches from Hayes and Corkscrew Hill to bring traffic into single file, as well as some improvements to the pedestrian crossing points and cycle access routes.

There should be no adverse effect on traffic congestion.

Wickham Common – A Good Result in ‘Tree vs. HGV’

NoHGVsignResidents angered by the destruction of a street tree in Wickham Common will be pleased following the successful pursuit of the company responsible for damages.

The tree, near the junction of Harvest Bank Road and Hartfield Road was destroyed by a lorry attempting to turn round, after the driver had realised too late that he was on roads unsuitable for HGVs.

After a considerable amount of work by council officers, with help from members of Wickham Common Residents Association and your local councillors, the company responsible has paid damages of £1,300 to the Council. The planting of a replacement tree is planned to take place shortly.

Thames Water to Start Digging – Just Weeks After Road Resurfacing!

Thames Water have notified Bromley Council that they will be carrying out roadworks on Layhams Road and Hartfield Crescent – just a matter of weeks after the latter road was resurfaced by the Council.

It seems that, although the Council circulated all the utility companies well in advance with their schedule of resurfacing works, Thames Water somehow overlooked the information. Normally, once a road is resurfaced, restrictions are placed on what roadworks can then be carried out up to three years afterwards.

The works that are proposed will reduce the risk of leakage, which should mean fewer roadworks in future, and so the Council won’t stop the job from being done, but instead have agreed with TW that they will reinstate a greater than normal area to preserve the quality of the road surface after their work is complete.

Glebe Way Roundabout Success

Work in progress!
Work in progress!

Following action by your local councillors in conjunction with local residents and James Cleverly AM, Transport for London have confirmed that repairs are due in the next eight weeks to the large roundabout at the bottom of Glebe Way (update 4/10/13 – repairs now in progress).

Also, a major re-vamp of the roundabout to enhance its appearance longer-term, with box hedges and a tree, is to be carried out which should also reduce its maintenance costs.

A232 Crossing – TfL Surveys Imminent

We have received some good news regarding the long campaign to improve safety for those crossing the A232 Croydon Road near Hartfield Crescent. TfL, as promised earlier this year, are about to begin traffic studies of this stretch of road with a view, hopefully, to bring forward some viable engineering solution(s). We and the Wickham Common Residents Association will continue to keep a close eye on matters.

Road and Pavement Works for 2013-14

The works programme for planned maintenance of roads and pavements has been finalised for the coming financial year as follows:

Road resurfacing is scheduled for:

  • Baston Road from Five Elms Road to Fox Hill
  • Hartfield Road (complete length)
  • Hartfield Crescent (from no. 9 up to Croydon Road)

Work on pavements is planned for:

  • East Way
  • Southbourne
  • Abbotsbury Road

Other roads feature in the programme for later years; so if your road doesn’t feature here, but is looking in need of attention, please let us know – it may be ‘in the pipeline’ already or could just benefit from some less drastic repairs.