Thank You

Graham, Anne and Neil were honoured to be re-elected at the local elections on 6th May to represent Hayes & Coney Hall for another four years. Though our share of the vote was just over 60%, we remain committed to serving all our residents regardless of their political affiliation.

We will continue to defend the clean and green environment and quality of life that our residents hold dear and to ensure that the voice of Hayes and Coney Hall is heard at the Council.


Council Takes Swift Action On Potholes

Conservative-led Bromley Council was the best prepared London Borough for the recent severe winter with its salt and grit reserves.

Despite this, we are aware that the recent harsh winter has taken its toll on the ward’s roads, and that potholes have appeared in many places.

The Council’s road inspectors spent several weekend in March identifying potholes for repair, including a number in Hayes and Coney Hall. As the road surface was still brittle because of cold temperatures, we have continued to see new potholes appearing at a faster rate than in previous years. Cllr Colin Smith, the Councillor responsible for road maintenance, has instructed the contractor to provide extra road maintenance teams to identify where the problems are and clear the backlog of potholes.

In their recent budget, the Council allowed for an additional £250,000 to repair potholes, in addition to extra funds for general environmental improvements.

Bourne Way/Addington Road Safety Boost

The Council has now drawn up plans with a view to improving the safety of Bourne Way in the approach to the junction with Addington Road, Coney Hill Road and Tiepigs Lane.

The plans, which include new surfaces and amended white lining, have been agreed and it is now awaiting insertion into the work programme. Residents will be contacted directly by the Council prior to the start of work, which will also affect the easternmost section of Addington Road.

Improvements to the appearance of the tatty verges has also taken place, with the results becoming more evident as spring and summer progress.

Bob Stewart’s with Soul

On Saturday Bob Stewart, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Beckenham, visited Hayes & Coney Hall with David Soul, the actor and singer.

David Soul, Cllr. Neil Reddin and Bob Stewart at Letchworth Drive
David Soul, Cllr. Neil Reddin and Bob Stewart at Letchworth Drive

David is a personal friend of Bob and met people in Coney Hall, Old Hayes and Letchworth Drive along with Conservative Council candidates and councillors Graham Arthur, Anne Manning and Neil Reddin.

The New Inn: Licensing Hearing Result

The application to vary the licence for The New Inn was heard this morning. The hearing was attended by Cllr. Neil Reddin and also representatives from the Hayes Village Association and Wickham Common Residents’ Association.

Following representations from those present, the committee agreed to allow drinking only with a meal for the final hour (11pm to midnight) on Sunday through to Thursday – the existing licence already allows opening until midnight, though the current owners only usually serve alcohol until 11pm.

It was also agreed to allow drinking in the outside areas (including the back garden) only until 10pm.

The applicant had already agreed to change their proposed closing time of 00:30 back to the existing midnight, and the committee allowed the serving of (non-alcoholic) refreshments until midnight.

The licensee expects the refurbishments to be completed on the ground floor (the new restaurant and bar area) in time for a mid-June opening.

We anticipate that the plans for the upstairs function room will require a seperate licensing application, following a planning application.

Bus Stop Improvements

Bus passengers have received some good news with the announcement that Transport for London are upgrading the “countdown” technology that gives passengers information about the waiting times and order of buses due at stops.

The new technology is expected to provide more acccurate information as well as the signs being easier to read and also showing more service and general information.

Installation is expected in the 2011/12 financial year at the stops at Hayes Station, Coney Hill Road, the Layhams Road/Addington Road junction and the Hayes Lane/Hayes Road junction.

Out And About With Bob Stewart

Yesterday saw Bob Stewart DSO, the Conservative parliamentary candidate for Beckenham, out and about in Hayes Station Approach together with Cllrs. Graham Arthur, Anne Manning and Neil Reddin (ward councillors and Conservative council candidates) and supporters. The team spoke to many people and are all looking forward to the opportunity to serve Hayes and Coney Hall over the next few years.

Bob Stewart DSO Prospective MP for Beckenham in Station Approach Hayes
Bob Stewart DSO, Prospective MP for Beckenham, talks to local shoppers in Station Approach, Hayes

Hayes Place Flats Update

Last December Cllrs. Anne Manning and Neil Reddin had a meeting, arranged by Bob Neill MP, with the Chief Officers of Affinity Sutton (Broomleigh’s parent company).

Our meeting with Keith Exford, the Chief Executive of Affinity, and Neil McCall, the Group Operations Director, was useful.  Unfortunately, it appears that plans to redevelop the site will go ahead, despite the strong case we had put. However, any proposed planning application remains on hold and the assurance that no resident will be forced to leave has been renewed and welcomed.

In the last few months some residents have already moved out and some more are in the process of seeking alternative accommodation.  Clearly any resident who wishes to take up the offer made by Broomleigh/Affinity is free to do so and it is right that they should feel free to do so without intimidation.

However, a large number of residents appear to want to stay at Hayes Place and we shall continue to seek assurances that any request to “stay put” is managed in a kindly and appropriate way. In the meantime we are seeking information and clarification regarding the timetable for any closure and redevelopment.

We will continue to liaise with Affinity/Broomleigh and keep you all updated.

The (New) New Inn

Changes are afoot at the The New Inn in Station Approach. The owners hosted a meeting with residents recently where they presented part of their plans for the business, prior to the former “Harvester” closing in March for a major refurbishment. The restaurant is to move onto the ground floor, while a function room is envisaged on the first floor. We understand that an element of “take-away” of food and drink is also proposed.

Now a licensing application has been received. The owners are seeking an extension in hours to 12:30am, as well as permission for music, dance and other activities. Also, an extension to 10am on New Year’s Day as well as permission to hold 20 events a year without notifying the police (currently 12). A regular opening time of 8am for hot beverages is also sought.

Your ward members are currently examining the proposals, some aspects of which will also require planning permission, which ought to be obtained before any licence variations are granted.

The New Inn during its "Harvester" days

New Youth Sports Facilties in Coney Hall

Plans are being drawn up for a multi-use sports court in Coney Hall Recreation Ground, next to the existing skateboard half-pipe.

The facility, which is designed for five-a-side football as well as basketball, cricket and other ball sports, will add to the facilities for young people in the ward and is being taken forward at the suggestion of the Friends of Coney Hall Recreation Ground. A planning application has been made.

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